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Benefits of Our .BANK Domain Name Extension Change

Benefits of Our .BANK Domain Name Extension Change

Our website address has recently changed, and we want to make sure to let our customers know. Like many in the banking industry, we've adopted the “.bank” domain extension for our website address and we want to share what that means. While on the surface it may seem like a simple change, there’s a lot that went into this update - primarily put in place to protect our customers and add an extra layer of security.

Security Is Our Top Concern

Download our .BANK FAQsSeems that you can’t turn on the TV or read the news without information covering the latest security breach or online incident. One of the primary reasons .bank is being used is because it can ONLY be implemented by a bank. This ensures that you’re visiting Texas Heritage Bank and avoids the chance of imposter sites using other available domains that end in other "bank-like" extensions, such as .loans, .savings, or .credit.

Now that we are live with this change, you should make sure that you see texasheritage.bank in the URL when visiting us online. Additionally, you should expect to see that domain as part of any email that comes from someone at the bank to ensure it’s really Texas Heritage Bank on the other end! 

When you see “.bank” at the end of a website address, it’s a clear sign that you are interacting with a bank that’s taking safety and security to the next level. “Bad actors” (you may call them “hackers”) aren’t able to create lookalike domains using “.bank” for spoofing and phishing purposes, and you can quickly confirm emails and websites to ensure that the “.bank” domain name is in place.

Protecting Your Privacy

We may not like to think about it, but banking remains one of the most phished industries, as that’s where the money is. We believe that digital banking should be safe for you, and that is why we chose to go with “.bank”. Since bad actors and phishers can easily obtain publicly available unrestricted domains like “.com” and websites like it, the “.bank” is one more step we’re taking to keep you safe.

A Sign of Trust

We also believe that our new “.bank” domain is a sign of trust. All you need to do is look for the domain extension to help prevent identity theft, financial fraud, and data breaches. Because we have utilized the domain extension, our valued customers (you included) will enjoy enhanced and prioritized cyber-security. 

Banks that utilize the domain extension have enhanced and prioritized cybersecurity. fTLD (the owner and distributor of .bank domain names) verifies each .bank domain upon registration, every year after, and if certain information changes. There are stringent eligibility guidelines that must be met, and the domain names must correspond to the organization’s legal name or branding. This is an added layer of protection that ensures minimal confusion about whose bank you are logging into.  

A “Digital” Commitment to Our Mission

If you’ve ever taken a look at our Mission Statement, you’ll see the words Excellence, Service, Trust, Community, and Stewardship. While the genesis of these words came from our traditional community bank values, we also believe they apply to doing business in the digital age. Our move to “.bank” permeates each of these, as you will see below.

Excellence - Banks that have moved to the “.bank” domain are committed to excellence and keeping current with the latest technology to keep customers safe.

Service - When you interact with us for any sort of service need, it’s comforting to know you’re really talking with the bank by our use of the “.bank” domain thanks to its stringent validation and verification process. 

Trust - Since only banks are eligible to use a “.bank” domain, you can trust emails and when visiting the website, knowing that you’re really interacting with Texas Heritage Bank. 

Community - Growing and supporting our community, especially when it comes to our online community, is a safer place with the added security of “.bank” in place.

Stewardship - We feel a great deal of responsibility to take care of our customers and the resources at our disposal to serve them. By implementing “.bank” we’re extending this commitment into the digital age! 

There are a number of banking options to pick from, so if you’re already a Texas Heritage Bank customer, we appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us to take care of your financial needs. If you’re not banking with us (yet), we hope you’ll continue to explore what we have to offer and appreciate the value in our “.bank” update. Contact us to learn more, or we invite you to stop by any of our branch locations to meet the team and start banking with us.